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Sci Non Fi

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Raytheon has unveiled its second-generation powered exoskeleton, the XOS 2, coinciding with the release of Iron Man 2 on DVD. The XOS 2 is ligher, faster and uses 50% less power than the XOS 1 proof-of-concept robotic suit. Powered by an internal-combustion engine driving hydraulic actiations, the exoskeleton allows its wearing to lift 200lb repeatedly without tiring, says Raytheon, but is agile enough to climb stairs, kick a ball etc.

"Well, we have power suits now.
Congratulations everyone.
Sci-fi is now Sci-Non-fi.
Jerakal 1 month ago 29"

"like i said in hulc comments, if this is public knowledge imagine what is experimental and in development, and ill remind you dvd players were out in the 70's, just too expensive to catch on. then imagine if the suit was nuclear, that would make it most likely to be a true iron ma suit, with tons of capabilites similiar to the movie. also, the hydron collider could stumble on something to really make it happen...fingers crossed!
kingk00 3 weeks ago"

After being paralyzed for the past 20 years, Radi Kaiof began to walk down a street in Israel to the sound of a dim mechanical hum. That was the sound of an electronic exoskeleton, developed by a small Israeli high-tech company, propelling the 41 year old paraplegic down the street with a proud expression on his face. The device, called ReWalk, is the brain child of engineer Amit Goffer, founder of Argo Medical Technologies. While ReWalk helps paraplegics, people paralyzed below the waist, to walk, stand and climb stairs, for Goffer, the device has a much more important impact on the user.

"What we want to do is have the person wake up in the morning, put on clothes, put on the ReWalk, go to work and go throughout the day, wearing it," Dr. Amit Goffer PhD, founder and director of Argo, and ReWalk's developer, tells ISRAEL21c.

Uri Attir, CEO of Argo, adds that users "regain their dignity" by being able to stand eye-to-eye with colleagues. "It may seem trivial, but it's not," says Goffer emphatically.

Please allow me to insert an emphatic FUCK YOU to all idiots who smear Israel. Statistically speaking chances that you or one of your close relatives live a longer and healthier life thanks to one of Israeli inventions are close to 100%. Needless to say, any antisemitic comments will be deleted, so don't waste your - and more importantly mine - time by trying.

LGBT note - if Judith Butler and her kind of superficially tolerant quasi-philosophers had their way with their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) madness, the losses to the scientific - including medical - progress would be inconceivable. If you think I exaggerate go count Israeli patents. And excuse me if I won't wait till you finish.

So, please, think before you applaud someone just because he/she is/appears gay-friendly.

HAL, or Hybrid Assistive Limb, is a powered exoskeleton suit currently in development by Tsukuba University of Japan. There are currently two prototypes, HAL 3 which has bulkier servo-motors and only has the leg function, and HAL 5, which is a full-body exoskeleton for arms, legs, and torso. HAL 5 is currently capable of allowing the operator to lift and carry about five times as much weight as he or she could lift and carry unaided.

It operates by sensing weak bioelectrical signals via electrodes on the operator's skin and sending them to the onboard computer which in turn analyzes them and activates corresponding servos of the suit, mimicking the wearer's motions. The whole suit is powered by a battery attached to the operator's waist.

In other news:

Large Hadron Collider still hasn't destroyed the universe. Go figure.

And here's an Iron Man fanfic for dessert - http://quigonejinn.livejournal.com/164361.html

[Pl] Widze ze wszyscy robia Podsumowania Dekady. Podsumowania dekady, w kazdym razie podsumowania LGBT, nie bedzie. Bylo pare rzeczy mogacych aspirowac do miana "wydarzenia roku", ale "wydarzenie dekady"?

Ehm, "sprawy nadal w niektorych miejscach wolno posuwaja sie do przodu a w innych stoja"?

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